Begin an exhilarating journey with Gerard Wilde, the enigmatic outlier of the illustrious Wilde Family, on a captivating quest for redemption and enlightenment.

Prepare for a thrilling journey around the world, where untold treasures and ancient mysteries await in the sun-kissed sands of Egypt and the enigmatic depths of the Mexican rainforests.

Are you ready to accompany Gerard Wilde on a thrilling adventure that will redefine his destiny and captivate your senses?


Get ready to be captivated by ten enticing levels, each one offering a unique destination that will ignite your imagination. Say goodbye to the constraints of time, as this game transports you through captivating locales in a fraction of the days it took Phileas Fogg to travel nine countries.

Forget about the traditional idea of a quick visit. In Gerard's Gambit, you'll get a taste of each location, much like a luxurious half-day tour on a cruise ship. Although time is limited, the thrill of discovery is limitless. Every encounter will leave you speechless as you absorb the rich local culture, meet intriguing characters, and discover hidden treasures.

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